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We are a dedicated team of professionals who want to make it all about the guests. Why do we say that? We know the value of great customer service and the long-lasting impact it has on guests. We simply want to wow you, and we have the experience to do just that. Visit us, try us, and experience Saracens in a sensational way. We draw our inspiration from the Saracens who originally belonged to the region in the Fertile Crescent known throughout Asia and in Europe for their excellent hospitality.

It was during their travels East in the mid-late 16th Century, the Saracens came across the Hookah with a glass base (Shisha) in what is present day Iran, Pakistan and India. They were so impressed with this exotic accessory, they brought it back with them to their homelands where it was extensively used throughout the Fertile Crescent including throughout the Middle East and South Eastern Europe.

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We at Saracens want to bring you a Shisha experience in true Saracens style using the best techniques and adopting the methods taught by the original Saracens.


What does Saracens mean? In the early Roman world, there had been references to Saracens (Greek: Sarakenoi) by late classical authors in the first three centuries AD, the term Saracens was applied to tribes living in the northern Sinai Peninsula. Ancient Roman word SARACIEN – meaning wheat corn referring to (due to the brown texture of the people) ‘easterners’ living in the deserts from the Sinai Peninsula going north towards Mesopotamia, in what is Modern day Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon,Turkey, Syria and Iraq known as the famous ‘fertile crescent’.

The people native to these lands became known as the SARACENS and were famous for their skills as philosophers, intellects and brave warriors who travelled well with a reputation of being fiercely territorial yet very receptive and hospitable.

We at Saracens Cafe Ltd are not the only ones who draw inspiration from the original Saracens of the Fertile Crescent. The world famous Saracens Rugby Football Club was founded in 1876, the club’s name is said to come from the “endurance, enthusiasm and perceived invincibility of Salahuddin’s desert warriors of the 12th century”.

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86-88 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham – NG1 1EH
E: info@mysaracens.co.uk
T: 0115 850 1 850


E: info@mysaracens.co.uk
T: 0115 850 1 850