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WelcomeTo Saracens

The Ultimate Dining & Shisha Experience
A special place with special people promising to offer you a unique experience to enjoy only the best quality food,Shisha and Service in Nottingham – all in a relaxed environment.

At Saracens, everyone will feel valued from customers enjoying the Saracens experience to Saracens Team Members delivering it within a culture of enthusiasm, passion and flavour!


Re-Opening& Safety Update

At the end of March, we took the decision to close Saracens Restaurant an unprecedented decision taken in the best interests of our employees and customers. Over the last three months we have worked tirelessly to overhaul our operational procedures to enable our teams to return to work safely

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Journey Begins Now!


luxurious environment designed and created for all
If you desire to enjoy fabulous food such as our Continental Lasagnes, Saracens Sliders or even something light like Paninis or Nachos, then visit Saracens. We don’t stop there, we have a whole range of delicious desserts and puddings such as Red Velvet Cakes, Fudge Cakes, Chocolate Sponge, Apple Crumble with custard including hot and cold drinks with Milkshakes and Mocktails.

Saracens are proud to provide our customers top quality and flavoursome Shisha that will simply blow your mind. We don’t compromise on quality because we know the importance of an excellent Shisha stems from the quality of the flavour itself. Our Shisha is offered across three ranges: The classic Al-Fakher Range, the Premium Range and the Saracens Starbuzz Special Range smoked exclusively in our Starbuzz Carbine Pipes. If you have any questions, the Saracens Comrades are happy to help and advice on how to combine the flavours.